"Pull Tight" Soft Bag
Item# Pull Tight Purse
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Product Description

This bag opens very wide for easy viewing of contents. It has a magnetic snap on the flap. The weight of the bag pulls the top shut as you carry it so it is very easy to close and is next to impossible for anyone besides yourself to get their hand in the bag without your knowing it. Click on this small picture to give you a better view of how the strap automatically closes the bag. It works great.

The pull tight is constructed of our softee cowhide. It has a very drapy, soothing feel. Touching this leather is a tranquil experience. The nude finish allows the full grain to be seen in its true natural beauty. We use a scotch guard like spray on it to help protect it from stains and water spots without ruining the wonderful touch of the leather.

The aniline dye penetrates the leather throughout. This means that if you skuff or scratch the bag, no uneven color will be exposed beneath the grain.

One of the best things about the softee cowhide is its light weight. This makes softee bags very comfortable and easy to carry.

Not Pictured is the new pocket we are putting on the back of the bag. It's height is approximately 3/4 of the bag and the full width of the bag. It works as an easy access pocket for items like cell phones or keys.

2.5"D x 6"W x 8"H Small Pull Tight Bag

3.5"D x 8"W x 9.5"H Large Pull Tight Bag (not pictured)