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At art shows, one of my best selling belts is the reversible belt. The reason for this is the great leather. You can find reversible belts in many retail stores, but I have never touched one that feels this good. Also, many commercial reversible belts will crack or split on one or both sides where the buckle hits the holes. This will not happen on our belts.

This belt is made up of two layers of leather with both grain sides out. I use my very soft bag leather for one side and a coach type 6 oz. leather for the other side. This combines for a thickness of approximately 8.5-9 oz., 10% to 20% thicker than most commercial reversible belts. These leathers have their natural full grain showing on each side of the belt. The combination makes a belt that is supple and beautiful.

The edges are sewn, beveled, burnished, and finished with a tough acrylic edge coat.

The buckle clamps to the strap. To reverse the color, unclamp the buckle, flip the strap, reclamp the buckle. It is very simple and easy.

If you are unsure of the size, you can buy an unsized belt and unclamp the buckle, cut the strap to the correct length, reclamp the buckle on the cut end. This is perfect if you are giving the belt as a gift.

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