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Product Description

Ranger belts used to be popular only in the Southwest. Now, I sell them at art shows all over the country, even Manhattan. I feel like the style I do is contemporary without the "cowboy" thing(not that there is anything wrong with that).

I have sold them to real cowboys who like the dressy look. I have sold them to a banker and high tech businessmen in Austin, Texas who love their reliable feel and I have sold them to New Yorkers who appreciate the non urban style.

They're not for everybody-----but nothing with genuine individuality ever is.

They have more layers of leather in the front than regular straps. This allows the buckle to never touch the pants.

The width is 1.25" except for the third pictured belt and buckle set which is slightly wider. These widths work well in most pants. The billet and buckle opening width is .75" except for the 1" set on the third belt.

Other widths and colors are available. If you need a longer length than 46", give us a call or e-mail. There is an extra charge of $8 because we have to use special hides for extra long belts.

If you have your own 3 or 4 piece buckle set, I will be glad to make a belt for it.

Click on the pictures to give you a better view of how they work and the buckle styles.