Small Bag or Larger Bag:  Colors:  2-tone, Brandy w/Softee Black: 

Product Description

This all leather bag is popular with both old and young customers. The small bag holds all the essentials for a day or night out and is very easy to carry because of it's small size, weight, and versatile strap length. The color combination you see here is 2-tone, Brandy Hornback Grain w/Softee Black.

The strap length is adjustable via a knot on the inside top corner. We start you with a very long length so it will fit the very tall or stout. Most women will want to shorten the length we initially send. If you are giving this bag as a gift, the receiver can adjust it to any length she likes and then trim the excess so it doesn't hang down on the inside of the bag.

The front is a slider pocket on top of the main zippered compartment. The back has a zippered slider pocket.

The small dragonfly will hold a small cell phone in the front slider pocket(easy access) or a large cell phone in the back zippered slider pocket.

The small dragonfly is tall enough for a checkbook or fairly large wallet, and other essentials. The large dragonfly is more of a medium size bag. It's only "large" when compared to the "small" dragonfly.

Like many of our other bags, the Dragonfly bag is constructed of our softee top grain cowhide. It has a very drapy, soothing feel. Touching this leather is a tranquil experience. The nude finish allows the full grain to be seen in its true natural beauty. We use a scotch guard like spray on it to help protect it from stains and water spots without ruining the wonderful touch of the leather.

The aniline dye penetrates the leather throughout. This means that if you skuff or scratch the bag, no uneven color will be exposed beneath the grain.

One of the best things about the softee cowhide is its light weight. This makes softee bags very comfortable and easy to carry.

Small Dragonfly 7"wide x 9"tall x 2"deep.

Large Dragonfly 8.5"w x 10.75"tall x 2.5"deep.